Everything you need to know about vape

“Electronic cigarette”, as a new product that has just entered the public eye in recent years, already has tens of millions of users around the world. The huge consumer market is driving the rapid development of this industry; however, at the same time, although consumers have a high degree of use of the product, but the awareness still remains at a shallow level. Many specious claims have brought numerous concerns and questions to the majority of consumers.

Question 1: Are e-cigarette cigarettes?

E-cigaretteis not cigarettes, though they both have the content of nocotine, cigarettes consume e-juice and concept vapor.And e-cigarette does not burn at all, they may be similar on the affection, but totally different at the working principal.

Question 2: What’s the structure of e-cigarette?

The mainstream e-cigarette is mainly composed of three parts: the smoke pipe (also called an atomizer, atomization chamber, and cartridge) containing the e-liquid, the evaporation device, and the battery.

Question 3: How does an e-cigarette work?

The basic operation of e-cigarettes generally follows several steps and includes drawing on the e-cigarette, activation of a heating element, which aerosolizes the contained liquid, and inhalation of the liquid aerosol.

Question 4: What are the benefits of electronic cigarettes compared to traditional tobacco?

E-cigarettes can reduce the harm caused by traditional smoking: the main components of e-cigarettes are glycerin, propylene glycol, flavoring, nicotine, and thousands of harmful substances less compared to traditional cigarettes, especially carcinogenic substances, while traditional cigarettes contain dozens of carcinogenic substances that have been scientifically determined.

At the same time because the electronic cigarette have no content of tar, there is absolutely no secondhand smoke endangering the health of your family.

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