What are the contraindications to vaping?

Alcohol allergy, heart disease, hypertension, respiratory disease, pregnancy and lactation are strictly prohibited. Please use reasonably according to your own smoking condition, and stop using immediately if you experience discomfort.

How do I turn on my Glugbar device?

No buttons are required to turn on your Glugbar device, simply inhale from the mouthpiece. Once you have inserted a Glugbar pod into your Glugbar device, you are ready for a unique experience.

Do I have to clean the Glugbar device?

Glugbar devices are easy to maintain. To clean the charge contacts and inside the Glugbar device, use a dry or slightly moistened cotton bud.

What is the best way to store the Glugbar device?

Avoid storing a Glugbar device for more than two weeks on an empty charge. It is best to charge the device entirely and remove the Glugbar pod before storing. As with all products containing nicotine or intended for use with the consumption of nicotine, store the Glugbar device out of reach of children and pets.

What should I do if it tastes burnt?

Please replace a new pod, and it is not recommended to continue to use it.

What should I do if the device does not fire?

Please check if the fire button is stuck.

Please check if the pod is installed in place.

Please check if the electrodes on the pod and device have any grime.

Please perform a charging test to see if it is a dead battery.

Please refer to the user manual of your device, and check the status of the LED indicator to see if there is a short circuit, insufficient power, or the coil and the device are disconnected etc., and then do according to a recheck of 1-4 items.

What should I do if the device cannot be charged?

Please check if the charger can work normally, and if the charger is abnormal or can’t output a 5V voltage, resulting in a failure to charge the device.

Please check if the charging cable is normal or whether there is any grime attached to the USB port, change another cable for test.

Please check if the LED indicator on the device is normal during charging, please refer to User Manual.

If the device hasn’t been charged when it’s not used or “low battery” for a long time, the battery will be over discharged and damaged, and the battery can’t be recovered after charging for 10-15 minutes, please unplug the charging cable.

Please charge with recommended adaptor and charging cable from a reputable company.