Global Electronic Cigarette Market Overview

The scale of the overseas global e-cigarette market is growing rapidly, and the acceptance of e-cigarettes in the overseas Z era is high. In the first quarter of 2022, the global e-cigarette market reached 25 billion US dollars. It is estimated that the overseas e-cigarette market size will maintain a growth rate of 35% in 2022, and the total amount will exceed 108 billion US dollars.

The U.S. market continues to grow in size. The US e-cigarette market accounted for more than 55% of the total overseas global market size in 2021, followed by the EU and the UK e-cigarette market.

Based on the market size data for the first quarter of 2022, we forecast that the US market size will continue to grow at a high rate, accounting for over 65% of the total market size, and the EU market size will also increase to over 20%.

The USA, Europe union & Britain, and southeast Asia, has become the most popular area where the people use e-cigarette most.

According to the popularity of e-cigarette sales websites in Western Europe, disposables and vape box are more popular in Western Europe.The body design of vape device is basically short and coarse. Disposables are designed like cylinders and are more colorful. They pay great attention to the design of the packaging of e-juice. Many people will share their beautiful packaging of e-juice on social software.

In the United States, disposable vapes are more popular. And the appearance of vaping device in the United States is more inclined to flat, short and thick design, and the color of the shell is also more like colorful colors and complicated patterns

In Southeast Asia, the overall popularity of vape box is almost equal to that of catridge-changing vape and disposable vape.The Philippine market is more interested in single-use and catridge-changing vape than the Indonesian market.

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