Glugbar: Exploring the mystery of tastebuds

Since the birth of electronic cigarettes, the exploration of taste has never stopped. Different people naturally have different taste preferences for vaping. Some people like it sweet, some like it cold. Everyone can find their favorite flavor in vaping.

In the exploration of Glugbar, we are also committed to bringing satisfying flavors to all consumers. Along the way, we made a lot of efforts.

Through our long-term research, we found that although users in different regions like different tastes, there is a general commonality: the popular taste of vaping in each region is closely related to the local lifestyle and eating habits.

Glugbar’s taste exploration team goes deep into each market, through the analysis of local food culture, customs, and habits, combined with the taste analysis of popular local fruits and foods, to explore the most suitable vaping taste for local people’s preferences. We integrate the favorite memories of people around the world into our products. We hope that consumers who use our products can feel the most familiar taste and the most unforgettable feeling from the taste.

Also, We will integrate the visual elements you like into our packaging according to the different visual styles of the global markets, and present unique regional colors.

In dealing with products, we always adhere to the highest standards of our products, an e-juice after hundreds of times of debugging, in addition to our staff to test in our team, we will also invite local market consumers to test the e-juice for us, because we believe that the consumer has the strongest voice. We hope to bring unique vaping experience to global consumers with our earnest and dedication.

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