Glugbar is on the market now! And hot over the world!

After half a year of publicity and preparation, glugbar has become one of the most anticipated products in the vape industry.

So far, glugbar has been extremely popular in Europe and Southeast Asia, and people from different parts of the world share their love of glugbar in different languages.

In October, glugbar was unveiled at major trade shows around the world, and it quickly became popular with vape practitioners.

Following that, glugbar became famous on social media and thanks to vapors around the world, glugbar is now receiving daily messages of concern from friends all over the world. Now, glugbar is officially here!

From now on, glugbar officially began to sell in the world.

If there are no glugbar products in your country, please feel free to leave a comment on our social media and let us know, so that glugbar may come to you soon!

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