Glugbar Nano 600 is coming!

The long-awaited Glugbar Nano is coming to the global market, here’s everything you might be interested in about Glugbar Nano!

Glugbar Nano contains 600 puffs, 2ml for e-juice and also 20mg nicotine.

With 310 mAh battery capacity, so Glugbar Nano can easily cope with the use of a variety of occasions in the environment, rest assured that the use of the battery does not have to worry about running out of power.

In addition, Glugbar Nano inherited the excellent performance of Glugbar Lolly air in taste, super fresh fruit flavor with cotton coil, all you can experience is the great feeling of fresh flavor.


Finally, the compact appearance makes Glugbar Nano can be put into any pocket, you can very convenient to carry Glugbar Nano in any occasion, take out to use Glugbar Nano with its appearance full of attractive, it’s time for you to become the most eye-catching one and vape different!

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