Glugbar: Sustainable development

Glugbar: Sustainable development strategy for environmental protection

“As a global phenomenon, e-cigarettes have become more and more common in our daily lives. You can see people using them in a variety of situations, at home, in parks, on the road, etc.,” said Glugbar’s marketing Director, Mr. Hamn. “We see many disposable e-cigarettes becoming popular products, but we also need to start thinking about a related question, that is, how much harm does disposable e-cigarettes do to the environment when they are discarded after use?”


“Glugbar is thinking about this, too. The environmental impact and damage caused by disposable plastic products is obvious. These plastic disposable vapes are carelessly discarded in the trash can or even in the grass, and our planet will not even be able to degrade the waste for hundreds of years. So, we started to think about what kind of products would not only be loved by consumers, but also have a positive impact on the environment.”


“So, we’re going to change the situation by choosing cartridge changing product as our main product. In our products, you can keep one or two of your regular vape sets for a long time and use them by constantly buying and changing the cartridge. In contrast to disposable vapes, which are mainly made of low-quality plastic with battery and heavy metal pollutant, our cartridge after being used contains only a PCTG shell, a cotton material, and some residual e-juice.


“I believe that every consumer with an expectation of environmental protection can easily see the difference between the disposable vape and the cartridge changing vape; The cartridge changing products are much more environmental-friendly than disposable vapes. Even from the economic point of view, it is also better than disposable vapes. As one single cartridge costs much less than disposable vapes and lasts longer than it.


“We hope that more consumers will join our environmental protection program in the future. We hope that users can feel the same way as our vision and social responsibility for environmental protection in the process of using our products, not only using the products themselves, but also making a small contribution to environmental protection.

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