How much do they love Glugbar on social media?

In the second half of 2022, Glugbar landed in major e-cigarette exhibitions around the world and won widespread love.

It can be said that Glugbar is a product with quite strong social attributes, so that the first time you see it, you can’t help take out your phone and share it to your social media. On the Internet, Glugbar’s products have even quickly attracted the attention of vapors around the world.

In Tiktok, several videos sharing the appearance of Glugbar products have received ten million or million amounts of play.

In youtube, the videos reviewing glugbar’s products have a total of over one million views.

In Instagram, Glugbar has also been widely loved by everyone.

Underneath these shares, they are also filled with comments of people who love Glugbar. People can’t stop expressing how they love about the Glugbar.

More importantly, consumers are still urging the launch of the product, and vapors around the world can’t wait to buy glugbar’s products.

Glugbar’s official Tiktok account also in just less than half a month, from 0 exceeded one million plays.

Glugbar will be officially launched in the world soon, we will respond to everyone’s expectations with the best products, please wait for the news of the subsequent official launch of glugbar products!

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