How to choose a vape for beginners?

Whether you’ve smoked your entire life or you’re just want to start a fun and happy vape journey. It’s always important to choose your first vape.

Choose one good first vape, not only can you better experience vape life, but also to protect your health, so here are some tips that we prepare for you.

Tips 1 : Easy to maintain

When you’re first switching over from smoking to vaping, you should choose an e-cig that’s easy for you to maintain, an eliquid that you love the flavor of, and make sure that you enjoy vaping.

Easy to use, easy to operate vape can reduce a lot of time for your first time using it, while also allowing you to quickly understand how the vape works.

Tips 2 : Buy it from regular brand

Buy at the regular brand, the vape market has a lot of products with no brand nor safety guarantee. Remember a shoddy vape can be harmful to your health, buying a vape with a brand guarantee is buying an insurance policy for your health.

Tips 3 : Choose one with better flavor

The advantages of vape compared to traditional cigarettes, in addition to being less harmful to health, are that it also has a very good taste. If you are choosing a vape in order to quit smoking, then choose a vape with an outstanding taste, which will make you get used to the life of using a vape and thus be one step closer to quitting smoking.


Hope you can enjoy the life or vapor, live different and also vape different, try Glugbar, it will be your first vape, and maybe also the last one.

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