Lolly air, Hot & Famous worldwide

Glugbar was officially unveiled in the second half of 2022 which is the first step of Glugbar become famous and hot around the world is officially taken.

In the following month, Glugbar was presented at the Vape Fair in Jakarta, Indonesia and Vapor Expo in Birmingham, UK, gaining widespread attention from the e-cigarette community in Southeast Asia and Europe.

Lolly air has left a very deep impression on many audiences with its stunning appearance and design. In addition, the very fresh fruit flavors also make all consumers extremely excited about the global launch of glugbar.

In addition, Lolly air is becoming a new generation of popular vape products on social media. On Tiktok, the total played amount of Lolly air videos has exceeded 30 million, and the number of likes exceeded one million.

Lolly air will be available worldwide soon, thanks to all the consumers who have been waiting and waiting for our products to Glugbar, come join us on the journey of vape diffrent!

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