Stunning debut! World premiere of Glugbar at the Vape Fair in Jakarta, Indonesia

October 12th, Glugbar made its debut at the Vape Fair in Jakarta, Indonesia.
Vape Fair is the largest vape exhibition in South East Asia. Once a year, over 10,000 vape distributors, manufacturers and retailers from all over the world gather here to see the latest products and technologies in the vape industry, and to experience the beautiful moments that vape products bring to life.

At this year’s Vape Fair, Glugbar officially presented the new Glugbar products to the world, using the brand concept of Vape different as a way of finding the unusual in ordinary life and integrating it with vape design.

The new design of Glugbar products won the hearts of many dealers, retailers and general visitors on the show floor. Attracted by the Glugbar products, many visitors to the show pulled out their mobile phones to record the unforgettable appearance of the Glugbar products. On Tiktok, a video from an onsite visitor documenting the Glugbar products earned over one million likes and comments were filled with anticipation from around the world.

With the popularity of the look, Glugbar welcomed many new friends to the Vape Fair and prospective partners from all over the world made enquiries and consultations at the Glugbar booth. We believe that the Vape Fair will lead to more new partners to give Glugbar the impetus to go global.
Glugbar will be widely present at major trade shows around the world in the second half of 2022, and we hope to use our products to bring a better experience and a better life to vape consumers around the world. We look forward to meeting you next time.


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